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In this game, you control a character running on a wrecking ball. Collect balls to increase the size of the wrecking ball and dodge as many obstacles as possible to avoid reducing the size of the wrecking ball so that you can finally destroy a building as efficiently as possible.

  • You play a character running on a wrecking ball.
  • The character runs automatically
  • Use a Hold and Drag mechanic to move from left to right to pick up balls and dodge obstacles.
  • Several obstacles will get in your way. Most of them will reduce the size of your Wrecking Ball.
  • If you run into a wall, you will destroy it but your Wrecking Ball will lose in size.
  • If you fall in a hole, you lose the game and you have to start the level again.
  • You finish the level if you cross the finish line.
  • Once you cross the finish line, you have to throw the wrecking ball as hard as possible to send it to a building. Depending on the size and force of the throw it will more or less destroy the building.
  • If the building is not totally destroyed, it will come back at the end of the next level in the same state.
  • Once the building is broken, the player can uncover a chest in the rubble with a reward.
  • Use a spam Tap mechanic to increase the sending strength.