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the GAME

In this game, you have to pick up stopwatches in order to slow down the time. Only the enemies and obstacles that stand in your way are affected by slowing down time so that you can dodge or cross them.

  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic to move your character from right to left
  • Stopwatches appear on the track
  • Picking up a stopwatch slows down the time slightly for a few seconds
  • The more stopwatches you pick up, the slower and longer the slow motion will be.
  • Your character is not affected by the time slowdown
  • Obstacles get in your way
  • The obstacles are so fast that they are impassable without slowing down.
  • Slow down time to slow down obstacles so you can get through them.
  • Enemies shooting at you may also be on your trail.
  • Slow down time allows you to slow down the bullets so you can dodge them more easily.
  • Reach the finish line for win the level