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the GAME

In this game, You build a tower by launching sticky guys onto one another. Two player facing each other. Aim and shoot your sticky onto one another in order to build a tower and reach the star.

  • Each player start on the far end of the field.
  • Camera center on first player to shoot. 
  • Use Hold & Drag mechanic to aim and release to shoot the guy (like bow master). 
  • Camera follow the flying guy. 
  • Each character of the same color stick on to another.
  • Each character has a gravity which impact the balance of the stack of character.
  • When the character landed and stop, it’s the other player turn. 
  • Each player take their turn to shoot a character in the middle.
  • Each time you aim, the trajectory of your last shot is displayed.
  • Some floating obstacles can be placed in the field 
  • Some obstacles are “stickable”, other aren’t. 
  • The first team to touch the star for 2 seconds win.