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the GAME

In this game, you take part in safaris in the nature. You have to take the best possible pictures with as many animals on it to get as many points as possible. Use your bait to attract the animals to take pictures of them.

  • The character is located on a vehicle, a waggon, etc … and advances automatically.
  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic to look around you
  • Animals are walking around the scene and you can see them as you go along.
  • You must take pictures of the animals
  • Use a Tap mechanic to take a picture
  • The more animals you have in pictures, the more points you make.
  • Some animals are hidden, they will have to be baited to get them out of their hiding places.
  • You have a list of baits or objects at the bottom of your screen
  • Use a Tap mechanic on a bait/object to use it/throw it in front of you
  • At the end of the trip, you review the photos and count the points obtained
  • You can review in an album all your photos taken