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the GAME

In this game, you are the doctor who deals with fractures. When a person comes to you, you have to take an x-ray to find the fracture, open the fracture, replace the bones, close the injury, wrap the arm in plaster and finally draw a small picture on the plaster. Then when he comes back later, you will have to remove the plaster by putting a piece of iron underneath and cutting it off with a small circular saw.

  • A customer comes in and tells you where it hurts.
  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic to search for the fracture with your X-ray scanner.
  • After finding the fracture, make an incision with a scalpel above it.
  • Then replace the broken bones
  • Then close the incision with stitches.
  • Wrap the injured limb in tissue with a Hold mechanic.
  • Then soak the plaster strips in water before rolling it over the fabric.
  • You must now draw on the plaster to customize it.
  • You finish the level when all the steps have been completed.
  • The client leaves after this part but comes back to have the plaster removed a few levels later.
  • To remove the plaster, place an iron rod between the client’s arm and the plaster using an Hold and Drag mechanic.
  • Then cut the plaster with a small circular saw.
  • You finish the level when all the steps have been completed.