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the GAME

In this game, you play as a pizzaiolo in a restaurant who has to collect food falling from the sky to prepare the right dish and serve it to the customer at the end. The character runs automatically and you have to direct it to the left or the right to catch the food in the air. Each level contains a new dish to create

  • You have a recipe in the middle of the screen that tells you which foods to collect to produce the dish that the customer wants to eat
  • Then the recipes disappears and your character automatically moves in a straight line
  • You direct your character using a Swipe mechanic (on lanes as in Subway Surfer) to the right or to the left to collect the food falling from the sky, or to dodge obstacles on the road
  • You have to catch the right ingredients to respect the recipe of the dish (there may be a small notification to warn when an ingredient will fall on a lane)
  • If an ingredient falls on the ground, you can’t pick it up. You must therefore avoid ingredients from the sky which do not correspond to the recipe for making the dish
  • If you collide into an obstacle, you fall on the ground and lose the level : you will have to start again
  • At the end of the level, the character arrives at a table and serves the dish to the customer
  • The customer gives a rating (1, 2 or 3 stars) of satisfaction for the dish according to its resemblance to the recipe. You earn more or less coins depending on the grade