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the GAME

In this racing game, you have to reach the finish line first. You start on foot and you will be able to take several means of movement that will allow you to go faster or pass obstacles. Each means of travel has a time limit.

  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic to move from left to right
  • You start on foot
  • Touching a vehicle to enter and use it
  • Each vehicle has a different speed, a different use and a different cooldown (Ex: The kart will be fast but will be able to be used only a few seconds, The mechas are slower but will allow to pass through walls by destroying them and have a longer life, …).
  • The longevity of a vehicle is represented by a small life bar above the player when he is in it. 
  • When the life bar is completely empty, the vehicle stops and the player gets out of it to go back to running on foot.
  • When you are in a vehicle, you can get out of it before the end of the use by removing your finger from the screen (As Rodeo Stampede)
  • Some obstacles can only be crossed by a kind of vehicle or dodged by all the others (Ex: A wall can only be destroyed by a mechas, a jump can only be taken by a kart, only people on foot can pass by drawing small bridges, …).
  • You win the race when you arrive first at the finish line.