Laser Run

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the GAME

In this game, you are a character with laser beams coming out of his hands (As IronMan). Control these lasers to cut out any obstacles or enemies that get in your way.

  • You play a character with lasers coming out of his hands.
  • The character runs straight ahead automatically (As Sling It 3D)
  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic to direct the lasers
  • The right hand of the character (so the right laser) executes exactly the movements you make while the left hand reproduces the movements of the right hand but symmetrically at the same time.
  • Obstacles get in your way. They are of a different color
  • If your character hits an obstacle you lose the game.
  • By cutting out the obstacles, you make them harmless and they become white (As Sling It 3D)
  • A bonus is loaded as the level progresses. Press the icon when it is fully loaded to generate for a few seconds a big laser that you control with both hands.
  • You finish the level when you reach the finish line.
  • Once you reach the finish line, you have to generate a big laser with your torso to destroy as many walls as possible to gain more points.
  • Use a Spam Tap mechanic to generate the laser