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the GAME

Play the popular game of Kubb in the comfort of your home. Face your opponent and knock down it’s Kubbs to access the king. But careful to not knock down the king first, or it’s game over !

  • Face your opponent, one on each side of the field
  • 5 kubbs on a line at each side of the field
  • 1 King Kubb in the middle 
  • Use swipe mechanics to throw your stick and knock down your opponents Kubbs
  • Once all your opponent’s kubb fallen, shoot for the king 
  • If all your Kubbs fall down, you throw them in the opponent side, and you need to knock them down before shooting for the opponents kubb
  • If all the opponent Kubbs are down, and you shoot the king, you win
  • If you knock down the King before knocking down opponents Kubb, you lose