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the GAME

In this Idle game, you have to build large domino constructions with the help of small robots that will come and place the dominoes one by one.

You have on the right side of the screen a small box that produces infinite dominoes and on the left side the place where the domino construction will be located.

  • You start with only one robot, you have to improve it as you go along.
  • Bolts are the main resource of the game


There are two ways to earn bolts:

  • Over time.
  • By tapping on the screen


You can improve 4 statistics in the game:

  • The speed of getting bolts over time 
  • The number of bolts you get for each Tap on the screen
  • The efficiency of robots and their speeds (Increase the number of robots after some improvements)
  • Domino production speed of the box (Increase of the line so that the robots can retrieve dominoes at the same time after several improvements)