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the GAME

In this game, you must get to the finish line before your opponent. To do this, you must use your elastic arms to stretch them and propel yourself forward, taking care that obstacles do not cut your arms.

  • You face an opponent who is next to you on the track.
  • To advance in the race, you must extend your arms and propel yourself forward like a rock thrower.
  • Use an Hold mechanic to extend your arms forward (As in Stretchy Frog)
  • The farther your arms are from you, the farther you’ll propel yourself forward.
  • Use a Release mechanic to put your hands on the ground, reach them in an instant and propel you forward.
  • Several obstacles will get in your way that will cut your arms if you are not careful while stretching them.
  • Once you are propelled, however, you become immune to damage and destroy everything in your path.
  • There are also holes on the runway, be careful not to land in them.
  • You win the race once you cross the finish line first.