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the GAME

In this game, you have to collect improvement points to upgrade your weapon and eventually destroy a building. You can choose to go fast at the end to shoot with a less powerful weapon or take as many upgrades as possible but taking the risk that other players will destroy the building before you arrive

  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic as a joystick to move around
  • you start with a simple gun
  • Your weapon can evolve (Example : If you pick up 2 weapon upgrades, your gun becomes an Uzi, if you pick up 3 more, it becomes an MP5, …)
  • Collect as much weapon upgrade as possible to improve your weapon.
  • You can choose to go straight to the end to destroy the building, Object, … or choose to take more improvement but taking the risk of not being able to get to the end in time.
  • Once you get to the finish line, you aim with your weapon and shoot at the building to be destroyed.
  • You can see the building’s life points at the top of the screen
  • Use a mechanical Hold and Drag for shooting and aiming
  • The more advanced your weapon is, the more damage it does to the building.
  • The more damage you do to the end buildings, the more your destruction bar increases.
  • The player who has destroyed the most buildings wins the victory.