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the GAME

In this game, you play as a Lumberjack. You have to cut trees with your axe, debarking felled trees and cut them at the sawmill. You will be able to make money by selling your wood, for buying better axes, better debarkers and a better saw.

  • A tree is in front of you
  • You have to cut him using an Hold,Drag and release mechanic (as Good Slice)
  • You have to cut pieces to take the tree down
  • There is a resistance for the cut, upgrade your axe for cut more deep in the tree 


Gameplay 2 :

  • You have to debarking thee felled tree using an Hold and Drag mechanic (as Spiral Roll but you control the movement)
  • You have to turn the tree for debarking everything


Gameplay 3 :

  • You have to push the debarking tree in the sawmill for cutting him in logs using an Hold and Drag mechanics