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the GAME

In this game, you have a mass that advances automatically. You will have to make this shape fit into the shapes of the obstacles. To do this, cut out your shape to make it pass through the obstacles. If you pass an obstacle without touching the edge, your mass takes back a size. The goal is to reach the end with as much mass as possible.

  • You have a mass in front of you that advances automatically

  • Obstacles with shapes will get in your way.

  • You must cut your mass to match the shape of the obstacle.

  • You have a preview of the shape of your mass on the obstacles to help you

  • Use an Hold and Drag mechanic to cut your shape

  • If you touch the obstacle, you lose mass.

  • If you pass the obstacle without touching the obstacle, you will be redirected from the mass.

  • You must reach the end of the level with as much mass as possible.

  • At the end of the level the mass falls on a fairground mallet, the heavier it is, the higher the indicator will go in the multipliers.