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the GAME

In this multi-gameplay game, you perform several classic circus shows. Each show has its own gameplay. The shows range from trapeze jumping to lion breeding.

  • The game begins
  • The camera depends on the show in progress
  • Each show has its own gameplay and represents a level.
  • Here are some examples of available shows:


Trapeze artists

  • Two characters swinging in front of each other
  • Use a Tap mechanic so that one of the characters releases his trapeze at the right time.
  • Tap a second time at the right time to catch the hands of the other one.


Lion breeding

  • Will control the movements of the breeder to be able to guide the lion.
  • Use a Swipe mechanic to guide the lion and make him take the right path (Move forward, jump through burning hoops, etc …).


The juggler

  • You have to juggle with several balls and do a defined number of juggles
  • Use a Tap mechanic every time a ball touches your hand to throw it back into the air.


The archers

  • You control the movements of the archers who shoot with their feet, and who must touch 3 balloons that are located around a character attached to a rotating plate.
  • Use a mechanical Hold and Drag to control aiming, and Release to shoot an arrow.