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the GAME

In this game, you are an army attacking castles. You control the Aries that will be used to break down the castle’s door. Collect pieces of ram to enlarge it while dodging obstacles and enemies.

  • You control the ram in front
  • Your army is right behind you
  • Soldiers carry the ram. The bigger and longer the ram becomes, the more soldiers from behind will come to help carry it.
  • The ram runs straight ahead automatically
  • Use an Hold mechanic to move from left to right
  • Pick up ram ends to enlarge your ram
  • Several obstacles are in your way (walls, floor areas, …). 
  • Obstacles reduce the size of your ram if you do not dodge them.
  • There will also be enemies in your path. You can run into them to win coins
  • Once you arrive at the enemy’s castle, you have three water hammer blows on the castle gate to break it down.
  • Use a Tap timing mechanic to push the door in.
  • If you manage to break down the door (Relative to the size of the ram and the success of the timing) you invade the castle and you release the King (As Join Clash 3D)
  • If you can’t break the door down, you lose the level.