Blend Game selects the best mobile games on the market

We are passionate about mobile games and we want to share our knowledge of the market with you. We support small studios that are constantly making new games that the public doesn’t know about.

We have made a selection of games, including several categories such as puzzles, adventure games, simulation games, action games or even racing games. Our goal is to give visibility and feedback to small studios. Your comments about the games will be transmitted to the studios so that they can improve their prototype.


"We have a long-standing relationship with the founders of Blend Game. They have always been dedicated to helping small gaming studios with valuable advice. "
Richard Green

Unity developer

"I learned about Blend Game through a friend's recommendation. I could have precious exchanges on how to realize 3D objects to include them in video games."
Helen Fuller

3D Artist

"I have participated in the creation of many mobile games, especially on post production. I didn't know who to turn to for certain technical questions. Blend Game was able to help me with my questions!"
Henry Howard

Post Production

"I am regularly in touch with studios to make creative ads for them. The feedback I've received through Blend Game has given me a better understanding of what appeals to the audience!"
Sandra Scott

Marketing Artist

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