Combining the single-action mechanics with 2D images through simplicity, the chart-topping game Flipper Dunk is designed to make the golden ages of arcade games accessible in your pocket.

Discman, tamagotchi (the mini e-pets), YoYo, a chain wallet, going to arcade, video cassettes, rainbow slinky and many more… If you ever know once these existed, you should admit that you are a 90s kid. So many things happened in the 1990s that it’s kind of impossible to sum it all up. The internet went mainstream, pop dominated music charts, and that’s just a tiny bit of what went down. 

Even if you lived through it, it’s easy to forget all of the things that made the ’90s truly unique and entertaining.

The 1990s was the third decade in the gaming industry. The history of video games goes as far back as the early 1950s, when academic computer scientists began designing simple games and simulations as part of their research or just for fun.

90s was a decade of innovation in video gaming. 2 dimensional bitmap graphics were still mainstream while full 3D graphics slowly dropped by. The first person shooter, real-time strategy, survival horror and multiplayer online games are some of the new genres that emerged during these times. 

And moreover; handheld gaming began to become more popular throughout the decade. This can be considered as the first seeds of the mobile gaming culture. In remembrance of those days, we are celebrating the 90’s fun and easy to play arcade games with Flipper Dunk. Released in December 2019 by Rollic, bearing all the hallmarks of a true gesture to the good old days, Flipper Dunk takes you back to a time when the ease of 2D games ruled all else. What makes this chart-topping game so addictive -simplicity. 

Pick your side!

Are you playing for pure fun or finding your way along the daily challenges? Which is more satisfying; beating your best score or your friends’ on the endless mode?

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Fév 24th, 2020


Fév 24th, 2020